Chapter 5 Exercise

  1. A(n) _____ has a design that reduces the chance of wrist and hand injuries. (262)
    a. gaming keyboard
    b. cordless keyboard
    c. ergonomic keyboard
    d. function key
  2. Some phones use _____, where you press one key on the keypad for each letter in a word and software on the phone predicts the word you want. (262)
    a. predictive text input
    b. text messaging
    c. ergonomics
    d. optical character recognition (OCR)
  3. Touch screens that recognize multiple points of contact at the same time are known as _____. (266)
    a. touch-sensitive pads
    b. multi-touch
    c. graphics tablets
    d. digitizers
  4. Architects, mapmakers, designers, artists, and home users create drawings and sketches on a _____. (268)
    a. trackball
    b. terminal
    c. graphics tablet
    d. touchpad
  5. _____ is the computer’s capability of distinguishing spoken words. (274)
    a. Voice input
    b. VoIP
    c. MIDI
    d. Voice recognition
  6. _____ allows users to record, compose, mix, and edit music and sounds. (274)
    a. Kiosks
    b. Voice input
    c. Music production software
    d. Voice recognition
  7. RFID is a technology that uses _____ to communicate with a tag placed in or attached to an object, an animal, or a person. (280)
    a. a thin wire
    b. pixels
    c. radio signals
    d. light waves
  8. With _____, the computer will detect human motions. (286)
    a. a head-mounted pointer
    b. an on-screen keyboard
    c. gesture recognition
    d. a computerized implant

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