Chapter 6 exercise

  1. Examples of output that primarily contain text-based documents are _____. (304)
    a. drawings, clip art, and photos
    b. music, narrations, and speeches
    c. home movies and live performances
    d. letters, reports, and e-mail messages
  2. _____ uses organic molecules that produce an even brighter, easier-to-read display than standard TFT displays. (308)
    a. HDTV b. OLED
    c. LCD d. LED
  3. The _____ is an alternative to DVI that also supports HDMI. (310)
    a. DisplayPort
    b. Digital Video Interface
    c. S-video port
    d. standard monitor port
  4. A CRT monitor’s viewable size is the _____ measurement of the actual viewing area provided by the screen in the monitor. (313)
    a. horizontal
    b. vertical
    c. three-dimensional
    d. diagonal
  5. Ink-jet printer resolution is measured by the number of _____ a printer can print. (316)
    a. pages per minute (ppm)
    b. pixels per inch (ppi)
    c. lines per minute (lpm)
    d. dots per inch (dpi)
  6. The primary disadvantage of multifunction peripherals is that _____. (320)
    a. they require more space than having separate devices
    b. if the multifunction peripheral breaks down, all functions are lost
    c. they are significantly more expensive than
    purchasing each device separately
    d. all of the above
  7. A(n) _____ is a touch-sensitive device, resembling a dry-erase board, that displays the image on a connected computer screen. (326)
    a. flatbed scanner
    b. data projector
    c. interactive whiteboard
    d. video conference
  8. _____ is a technology that sends resistance to a device in response to actions of the user. (326)
    a. An interactive whiteboard
    b. A CRT
    c. A dance pad
    d. Force feedback

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