Chapter 7 exercise

  1. _____ is the speed with which data, instructions, and information transfer to and from a device. (355)
    a. Access time
    b. Transfer rate
    c. Formatting
    d. Reading
  2. Traditionally, hard disks stored data using _____, which aligned the magnetic particles horizontally around the surface of the disk. (356)
    a. LightScribe technology
    b. RAID
    c. longitudinal recording
    d. perpendicular recording
  3. A group of two or more integrated hard disks is called a _____. (360)
    a. backup
    b. disk cache
    c. portable hard disk
    d. RAID
  4. Users subscribe to a cloud storage service to _____. (369)
    a. save time by storing large files instantaneously
    b. allow others to access their files
    c. store offsite backups of data
    d. all of the above
  5. A(n) _____ is a type of storage media that consists of a flat, round, portable disc made of metal, plastic, and lacquer that is written and read by a laser. (370)
    a. optical disc
    b. hard disk
    c. memory card
    d. thumb drive
  6. _____ technology works with specially coated optical discs to etch labels directly on the disc. (370)
    a. SCSI
    b. SATA
    c. LightScribe
    d. LightSaber
  7. On larger computers, tape cartridges are mounted in a separate cabinet called a(n) _____. (376)
    a. SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment)
    b. tape library
    c. tape cartridge
    d. HD VMD
  8. A _____ card is a credit card, entertainment card, bank card, or other similar card, with a stripe that contains information identifying you and the card. (377)
    a. Secure Digital High Capacity
    b. magnetic stripe
    c. Secure Digital
    d. microSDHC

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