Chapter 8 exercise

  1. The _____ chip, which uses battery power, stores configuration information about the computer. (400)
    a. BIOS
    b. CMOS
    c. POST
    d. RAM
  2. Windows users can increase the size of memory through _____, which can allocate available storage space on removable flash memory devices as additional memory cache. (406)
    a. Windows Aero
    b. Windows ReadyBoost
    c. Plug and Play
    d. a disk defragmenter
  3. A _____ is a mini-program with minimal functionality that connects to another program or provides information. (414)
    a. service pack
    b. search utility
    c. gadget
    d. swap file
  4. When you enter search criteria, instead of looking through every file and folder on the storage medium, the search utility looks through the _____ first to find a match. (422)
    a. index
    b. buffer
    c. file manager
    d. driver
  5. Defragmenting reorganizes the files on a disk so that they are located in _____ access time. (424)
    a. noncontiguous sectors, which slows
    b. contiguous sectors, which slows
    c. contiguous sectors, which speeds
    d. noncontiguous sectors, which speeds
  6. _____ is a utility that detects and protects a personal computer from unauthorized intrusions. (425)
    a. Automatic updates
    b. Sleep mode
    c. Windows Explorer
    d. Windows Firewall
  7. _____ is a program that displays an online advertisement in a banner or pop-up window on Web pages, e-mail, or other Internet services. (426)
    a. Spyware
    b. A Trojan horse
    c. Adware
    d. Spam
  8. A(n) _____ is a program that warns or blocks you from potentially fraudulent or suspicious Web sites. (427)
    a. phishing filter
    b. Web filter
    c. adware remover
    d. Trojan horse

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