Chapter 9 Exercise

  1. With _____, users can view message details such as the length of calls and, in some cases, read message contents instead of listening to them. (467)
    a. Web services
    b. Internet telephony
    c. visual voice mail
    d. video messaging
  2. When an online meeting takes place on the Web, it is called _____. (468)
    a. video messaging
    b. a peer-to-peer network
    c. a Web conference
    d. a Web meeting
  3. A document management system _____. (468)
    a. allows users to share documents with other users in real time
    b. provides personal information manager functions
    c. provides for storage and management of a company’s documents
    d. prints to a Web address associated with a particular printer
  4. A _____ is a Web application that combines services from two or more sources, creating a new application. (469)
    a. document management system
    b. peer-to-peer network
    c. Web service
    d. mashup
  5. _____ are devices that provide a common central connection point for nodes on the network. (476)
    a. Packets and tokens
    b. Hubs and switches
    c. T1 and T3 lines
    d. Routers and digital modems
  6. _____ is a standard, specifically a protocol, that defines how a network uses radio signals to communicate with a tag placed in or attached to an object, an animal, or a person. (481)
    a. RFID
    b. WiMAX
    c. Bluetooth
    d. UWB
  7. _____ consists of a single copper wire surrounded by at least three layers. (493)
    a. Fiber-optic cable
    b. Infrared
    c. Twisted-pair cable
    d. Coaxial cable
  8. _____ is a service that provides television programs over the cellular network. (495)
    a. Cellular radio
    b. Mobile TV
    c. Video messaging
    d. UWB

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