Chapter 10 Exercise

  1. _____ information has an age suited to its use.
    a. Organized
    b. Timely
    c. Cost-effective
    d. Verifiable
  2. In some tables, the primary key consists of multiple fields, called a _____.
    a. composite key
    b. secondary key
    c. key field
    d. column
  3. _____ procedures include adding records to, modifying records in, and deleting records from a file.
    a. Backup
    b. Range check
    c. Validation
    d. File maintenance  
  4. A range check _____.
    a. ensures that users enter only alphabetic data into a
    b. determines whether a number is within a specified
    c. ensures that users enter only numeric data into a
    d. verifies that a required field contains data
  5. All of the following are strengths of the database approach, except _____.
    a. less complexity
    b. improved data integrity
    c. easier access
    d. reduced development time
  6. Because the _____ contains details about data, some call it metadata (meta means more comprehensive). (528)
    a. data mart
    b. data dictionary
    c. data modeler
    d. data warehouse
  7. Many organizations adopt the _____ policy, where users’ access privileges are limited to the lowest level necessary to perform required tasks. (531)
    a. golden rule
    b. principle of least privilege
    c. principle of highest access
    d. least order
  8. The database analyst (DA) _____.
    a. decides on the proper placement
    of fields
    b. creates and maintains the data dictionary
    c. monitors the performance of the database
    d. checks backup and recovery procedures

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