Chapter 12 Exercise

  1. ____ is a team-driven project management approach, in which a project leader is more of a participant and facilitator than a manager during the project.
    a. Extreme project management 
    b. The Rational Unified Process (RUP)
    c. Phased conversion
    d. Object modeling
  2. A _____ analyzes the time required to complete a task and identifies the minimum time required for an entire project.
    a. Gantt chart
    b. PERT chart
    c. use case diagram
    d. none of the above
  3. In larger organizations, users write a formal request for a new or modified information system, which is called a _____.
    a. request for proposal (RFP)
    b. joint-application design (JAD)
    c. project request
    d. data-flow design (DFD)
  4. During the planning phase, the projects that receive the
    highest priority are those _____. (628)
    a. mandated by management or some other governing body
    b. suggested by the greatest number of users
    c. thought to be of highest value to the organization
    d. proposed by the information technology (IT) department
  5. A(n) _____ lists a variety of conditions and the actions that correspond to each condition. (633)
    a. object
    b. DFD
    c. decision table
    d. ERD
  6. The purpose of the _____ is to assess the feasibility of each alternative solution and then recommend the most feasible solution for the project. (635)
    a. project plan
    b. system review
    c. project request
    d. system proposal 
  7. _____ tools are designed to support one or more activities of system development. (642)
    a. Computer-aided software engineering (CASE)
    b. Unified Modeling Language
    c. Project management
    d. Object modeling
  8. A(n) _____ test is performed by end-users and checks the new system to ensure that it works with actual
    a. integration
    b. systems
    c. unit
    d. acceptance

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