Chapter 14 Exercise

  1. _____ are smaller in size than enterprises and typically
    do not have an international presence. (720)
    a. Data centers

b. Portals

c. SMBs

d. Web services

  1. A centralized approach to information systems usually
    _____ manageability. (723)
    a. increases costs of maintenance and increases
    b. reduces costs of maintenance and increases
    c. reduces costs of maintenance and reduces
    d. increases costs of maintenance and reduces
  2. _____ includes several types of applications and
    technologies for acquiring, storing, analyzing, and
    providing access to information to help users make
    more sound business decisions. (725)
    a. Business intelligence
    b. Business process management
    c. Business process automation
    d. None of the above

4. Using statistical analysis, _____ can identify and predict
product defects and problems with the company’s
processes. (730)
a. computer-aided engineering
b. quality control software
c. marketing information
d. customer relationship management systems

  1. The secure connection created between a user’s
    computer and a company’s network is called a(n)
    _____. (744)
    a. VPN tunnel

b. blade server

c. EDI portal

d. data warehouse

  1. A(n) _____ is an information system that has existed

within the organization for an extended length of time
and is relied upon heavily. (748)
a. expert system
b. high-availability system
c. office information system
d. legacy system

7. Enterprises often use _______ technology to connect to
storage systems at data rates up to 4 Gbps. (750)
a. Fibre Channel
b. NAS
d. SAN 

8. A(n) _____ allows a user to choose specific files to
back up, regardless of whether or not the files have
changed. (754)
a. incremental backup
b. differential backup
c. full backup
d. selective backup


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