Chapter 15 Exercise

  1. The _____ directs the company’s information service
    and communications functions. (788)
    a. chief technology officer (CTO)
    b. project leader
    c. chief executive officer (CEO)
    d. e-commerce director
  2. A _____ installs and monitors communications equipment and software and maintains Internet/WAN connections. (789)
    a. Webmaster/Web administrator
    b. help desk specialist
    c. data communications analyst/VoIP specialist
    d. network security administrator
  3. A(n) _____ ensures that if a student transfers to a college or university, he or she will receive credit for most of the courses taken at the trade school level. (794)
    a. technical service
    b. user group
    c. articulation agreement
    d. tethered system
  4. _____ is a business and management oriented computer discipline. (795)
    a. Computer information systems (CIS)
    b. Computer science (CS)
    c. Computer engineering (CE)
    d. All of the above 
  5. Both the ACM and the AITP offer _____. (797)
    a. chapters throughout the United States
    b. workshops, seminars, and conventions
    c. special interest groups (SIGs)
    d. all of the above 
  6. Sponsors of IT certifications include all of the following except _____. (800)
    a. independent training companies
    b. user groups and trade schools
    c. professional organizations
    d. computer equipment and software vendors
  7. The _____ certification, sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society, tests basic knowledge of software development process and tools. (805)
    a. Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD)
    b. IBM Certified Solution Developer
    c. A+
    d. Certified Software Development Associate (CSDA) 
  8. The _____ certification tests basic knowledge of installing, configuring, and operating LAN, WAN, and dial-up access services for small networks. (806)
    a. NCA
    b. CCNA
    c. NCE
    d. Network+

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