8 Secrets of Success


Pada kesempatan ini, saya ingin sharing tentang hal yang sangat berkualitas dalam kehidupan ini. Sebenarnya, postingan ini merupakan tugas dari Character Building: Spiritual Development di pertemuan ke-12. Pada awalnya saya malas membuat tugas ini. Saat saya mengerjakannya, saya tiba-tiba menjadi bersemangat karena ini merupakan salah satu hal yang berkualitas bagi kita untuk dipahami.

Harapan saya sharing kepada para pembaca adalah agar kalian bisa menjadi:

  • orang yang berkualitas.
  • bisa menjadi terkenal di masa depan.
  • dihargai oleh semua orang.

Tugas ini merupakan pemberian dari dosen saya bernama Pak Petrus Lakonawa. Beliau ingin semua mahasiswa menjadi orang yang berkualitas. Selama perkuliahan, Beliau selalu menilai mahasiswa berdasarkan positive attitudes. Saya senang dengan sistem penerapan dari Beliau karena sistem tersebut bisa membuat orang menjadi lebih baik. Terima kasih Pak Petrus atas hal yang bermanfaat ini.

Selanjutnya, bagaimana cara agar kita sukses dalam kehidupan ini? Mari kita nonton video di bawah ini.

8 To Be Great

Author : Richard ST.John
Website : 8ToBeGreat.com

Teenager girl asked to him,”What really leads to success?” Richard said that he couldn’t tell how that did it. That question annoyed him, so he thinked,”Why don’t I ask them what helped to success?”

What has Richard done ?

  • 10 years of research
  • 500 personal interviews
  • Including many of the world’s “greats”
  • The big jobs are analyzing and sorting millions of words

The 8-traits that lead to be great success


  • Russel Crowe, Oscar winning actor said,”The bottom line is I love the actual job of acting. I have a great passion of it.”
  • Do it for love, not money
  • Bill Gates, chairman Microsoft said,”Paul and I..we never taught we would make much money. We just love writing software.
  • If we do it, then Money comes anyway.


  • All successful people work really hard
  • Martha Stewart, homemaking guru said,”I’m a real hard worker. I work and work and work all the time.”
  • Rupert Murdoch, billionaire media tycoon said, “It’s all hard work. Nothing come easily. But I have a lot of fun.”
  • Successful people have fun working.


  • Norwan Jerison, Oscar winning filmmaker said,”I think it all has to do with focusing yourself to one thing.”


  • Great people just keep pushing themselves
  • Richard Branson, founder, Virgin records/ airlines said,”Whatever you’re doing in life just push yourself to the limits.”
  • Push through shyness
  • Push through self-doubt , self-doubt for example I’m not good enough
  • Goldie Hawn, actress, producer said,”I always have self-doubts. I wasn’t good enough. I wasn’t smart enough. I didn’t think that i’d make it.”
  • It’s not easy to push yourself.
  • Frank Gehry, famous architect said,”My mother pushed me..So find somebody to push you.”
  • Other ways to push yourself to success :
    • Challenges
    • Goals
    • Deadlines
    • Self-Disciplines
    • Competition


  • Bill Gates, founder Microsoft said,”I had an idea-founding the first microcomputer software company.”
  • Myth, only artsy people are creative. Reality, everybody is creative.
  • Donald Trump, real estate developer said,”Deals are my art form.”
  • Just be curious, connect things, write it down, look around, listen to people.


  • Continuous improvement. How to improve? Practice, practice, and practice
  • Lance Armstrong, 7 time tour de France winner said, ” The difference is that my team practices 12 months of the year, not 3 or 4.


  • They serve others something of values.
  • Serving others is how to people get rich. For example :
Billionaire All ServeSomething of Value

Bill Gates


Sam Walton

Walmart discounts

Ingvar Kamprad

Ikea furniture

Martha Stewart

Homemaking tips

  • Martha Stewart, America’s first female self-made billionaire said,”I came to people with trusted information, useful information, valuable, ideas, and products.”


  • Persist through time, No overnight success.
  • Larry Page, co-founder Google said,”It takes a long time to do these things and a lot of success is just due to the amount of you put into it.”
  • Persist through: Criticism, Rejection, Advesity, Prejudice
  • Persist through Failure.
  • Robert Ward, senior VP, Universal Studios said,”You really have to persist because it won’t be easy and there will be failure. You need to pick yourself up, stay on course, and continue down that path.”


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