video Persona 3 – Mass Destruction


Lyric :

(Oh… hey yo.  You guys going to rap in this right now?) / (Unless we have to…)

(You can’t stop it!) / (uh, you guys ready?)

(Take it hot, right now)

I thought told y’all to sit down / or get down

I’m about’a hit ground

When I’m in the box / my hits way out of this bounds

Nobody’s topping me / you know it damn right

Most of y’alls loving me / doing it all night

Keeping my friends close / and my foes closer

Things getting messy / but I never lift the nose up

As I get older / see things slower

My enemies looking like kids / and I’m the grown up

(Forget it) I’m the next masterpiece made

A new generation team / a wicked beast “Ace”

But I’m the mister nice guy

See? I’m a wise guy

Not a mafioso / but I hustle like Mike

Lay low if you are feelin’ me

I take these beats / freaks go crazy with me

So put’em up in this base with me

So shake with the man / L to the J’s now follow me


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