aside Modul Xamarin

Very bit of article about Xamarin and its tutorial. I have found only information directly from What!?Just one information? Is not there anything else? If traced again, so we  are just wasting time. I even bored of doing research. Remember, time is money. By the way, the information in should be complete, isn’t it? Of course complete, but there is still things that make developer to confused. For now, I’ll make a module about xamarin so the beginner can learn how to use xamarin. I  want to try to make the tutorial so developer can understand about xamarin. If you want to know about xamarin, just visit xamarin. Hahaha 😀 

I attach the module in URL bellow here Hehehe 😀 

Module Xamarin

This is my presentasion about Xamarin :


Let’s started about xamarin tutorial. (^_^)


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