aside How to Register Java in Your Computer

Finally, I’ve formatted my laptop because my laptop is attacked by virus. Holy shit but fortunately, I’ve backed up my important files so it is still in secure. I installed Windows 8.1 Pro with OS 64 bit a few days ago and I haven’t installed softwares which I often use. Today, I want to share to you about how to register Java in computer. You have to install java. Why? Because many applications is supported by Java. Without Java, some applications didn’t work at your PC. After you installed Java, you must register Java in your computer. There are several steps to register java in the computer :

  1. First of all, Launch Windows Explorer.
  2. Then, for windows 7 : In the left-hand pane, find the “Computer” node. For windows 8.1 : In the left-hand pane, find the “This-PC” node. Register java 1
  3. Right-click it and choose “Properties“. Register java 2
  4. After that, left-click Advanced system settings at the left-hand pane and choose Environment VariablesRegister Java 3
  5. Choose new at system variables. Register java 5
  6. Fill variable name.  At this time, I give the name JAVA_HOME and fill variable value. Value at JAVA_HOME means the path of java jdk. Here is for example : C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_04. This is my path of java jdk in my PC. Just copy this path to variable value and click OK at Edit System Variables.Register java 7
  7. Register Java 6After that, choose edit at path and add one path of variable value. Value at path means the path of your java jdk bin. This is for example : C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_04\bin;. Copy this path to in front of variable value for path like the below of this picutre.Register java 10 Register Java 8
  8. Choose ok at environment variables.
  9. Now, open the command prompt (cmd) and check the version of java with keywords : java -versionRegister java 11
  10. Finally, your computer has been registered by Java.

That’s all my sharing today and thank you for reading my articles. Good luck. 😀


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