2048 for Saturday

This is my last Saturday history. The alarm rang at 6.50 AM. I woke up but still tired so I slept again until 8.00 AM. 😀 Hahaha, so damn it. Then, I took a bath, took a breakfast, and washed my clothes. I don’t have a maid so I did it myself 2 days ago. What!? 12.00PM !? Oh no, 3 hours for washed my clothes. I just spent my time for it but it’s okay. I took a lunch and I read some other posts in wordpress. I got something that interesting. This is it. I want to reblog but before that, I’ll give my opinion about this post for reblog. https://thegreyflag.wordpress.com/2014/06/01/7-life-lessons-from-2048/

Seven Life Lessons From 2048. That’s the title of the post. Do you know 2048? It’s a mobile game. I played it 2 years ago but I can’t reach 2048. Damn it, I tried and tried and just reach 512. I was angry to myself and uninstalled this game. This game made me sucks. When I read the post, I realized that it reflects about our life. I remembered that I still have 2048 in my iPad. So, I played it again from 1.00PM until reached 2048. And …….. tick tock tick tock tick tock Ta-dah I reached out to 2048. Waw How long did I play? Can you guess? I played for 5 hours until six o’clock. What a day. My life in Saturday just for 2048. That’s my first experience and it’s game over when I continued this game. So, it’s my limit. Everyone has a limit too. We must make many efforts to reach our goal in life.  That’s it.



  1. […] Gram Games. In my opinion, it has been booming after game 2048. You can read about 2048 review at here. 1010! looks like tetris but this gameplay is different  with tetris. Player can play it by […]


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