Unmatched Air Traffic Control


Howdy everyone. This is my first post in November Rain. After 2048 for saturday, I tried to play Unmatched Air Traffic Control. It’s a simulation game and developed by Vector3D Studios. This is the best game I ever played. Actually, I searched about flight simulation in mobile. I want to know how to ride a plane. When I searched, I found this so I tried to download and play it.

What is Unmatched Air Traffic Control?


Well well to the well. In this game, you take a job as air traffic controller at a busy airport. An air traffic controller guide planes safety landing parking and taking off, avoiding collisions between them. Wow, It’s hard to guide planes and air traffic controller has a great responsibility. So, in my opinion, while playing this game, we must focus to guide the planes and consider that this is really happen in real life although this is a simulation game.

How to play this game? 

There are four menus in this game :

  1. Play : We can start this game and take a job as air traffic controller.
  2. Setup : We can setup your configuration in this game. There are graphic quality, game options and game difficulty. I choose hard(blind pilots) difficult. Hahaha ๐Ÿ˜€
  3. Buy credits : We can buy some coins using credit card but I never use this menu. So, how to get coins in this game? Just guide the airplanes.
  4. Exit : We can quit from this app.

After we choose play, we can select an airport and it display our score and our coins too. We can read information about airport. We can buy aircrafts and unlock the gates in airport using some coins. There are two types of aircrafts. Airbus A320 and Boeing737. There are Indonesian aircraft too. Waw amazing. It’s Garuda Indonesia and Lion Air.

I love this game because I can learn much about airport condition. I finally knew why airplanes can be delayed. There are some factors about it such as weather, waiting for the gate, and there is anything else. As an air traffic controller, we must have strategy to manage airplanes’ movement so people will be safe in flight. I’ll appreciate this game and will give this rating 4.5 because I know it’s difficult to make a mobile game. So, let’s play this game and have fun ๐Ÿ˜€


  1. I do not play this game, but I like the dedication that you did for air traffic controllers. I like to fly and I know my life is in their hands, not just in the pilots hands. So, along with you, I thank them because they take care of us.

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  2. we do not seem able to not pay for this game. we can not continue to level 5 if we do not unlock the gate


  3. I bought some money on my iphone app, then wanted to share and play on my iPad … and I can’t restore my money?

    Could you help


  4. I cant open gates do i need to buy stuff or what its pissing me off doin the same shit any cheats


  5. To : Melvin

    Sorry for late reply,
    Well, you can change the view to waiting gates screen. Then, youโ€™ll see the lock at each of waiting gates. Each of waiting gates have different prices. ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. To : Graeme Mcfee

    Just change your view screen until you can see all of gates. And you can open it by touch the lock gates ๐Ÿ™‚
    Or you can see the tutorial at youtube


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