TuneIn with me at night

How busy I am since two weeks ago. I couldn’t touch and manage this blog until I’m in limit condition now. Not good at all and I’m still exhausted. My eyes are really tired too because I forced myself to complete the task. I forced to think, think, and think to solved my tasks until I’m in bad condition. That’s my mistake but I’m still in okay. Just take a time to rest and get a well condition. When I reflect on myself, I realized that I’m a robot for two weeks ago. I don’t think that I am human. I lost my common sense. I haven’t enjoyed my life. How extreme I am. That’s my second mistake.  I’m afraid if I’ll do it again. I tried to be relax but it’s no use because I’m still in worried about task that given to me.

IMG_1499Fortunately, I can give my time to relax. My eyes were always tired but my ears didn’t tired. So, each of night, I always listen the musics from the radio. I’ve installed TuneIn radio in my gadget. It’s a streaming radio, popular app and using internet. I love chinese musics. At first,  I just always listen chinese music in Radio Cakrawala 98.30FM. There is only one chinese radio station in Indonesia that I knew but I’m still in boredom. Then, I searched, searched, and searched. What was the result?

And….. Ta-dah.

IMG_1501This is it. It’s a chinese radio station in Singapore. Yes 93.3FM. I often listen some chinese musics from here. In here, I can figure out the popular song and which one is still trend. There is one popular song that I love. The song is often played by this station in this month. The title is 小 幸 運 Xiǎo xìngyùn is sung by 田馥甄 Hebe Tien (One of member S.H.E).  I’ll give this song in the end of this topic. At the end of the word, If you want to listen chinese radio, you can see some stations in my TuneIn Profile. You can follow my profile too in this app.


And let’s listen this song. Next time, I’ll post about the lyric of this song. I hope you like it. 😀




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