Share About hMailServer

Hi Guys, today I want to share some knowledge to you. It’s about Hmail server. Do you know about that? I think you don’t know about it. Same with me too at the beginning. As a java developer, you must know it. It’s very use because with this tool, you can send e-mail from your business application to your customer.

At first, I didn’t use this tool. I just use as host and (587 or 465) as its port when code in java. When I tried to run this program, I got some errors. I fixed, fixed, and fixed it again until I haven’t had any idea. Then, I asked my senior about it. We have tried to fix it.What was the result? Nothing. It can’t be solved. Oh God, how is my web application now? I make it for my essay. I’m so stress.

After a few hours, finally my senior gave advice to me to tried hmail server. We hope that it could work on my application and yeah we got it. Problem solved because my web app can work for send email. Thanks to my senior who helped me to solve my problem.

Now, I’ll give you a documentation about installation hmail server tutorial.

Download here

  1. Double click hMailServer Setup and then click next.

2. Choose I accept the agreement and click next.

3. Then, click next.

4. I choose full installation and check these boxes. After that, click next.

5. Choose use built-in database emgine. After that, clixk next.

6. In this step, I just choose next. Hahaha, there a lot of nexts in here. 😀

7. After that, fill your password for hMailServer user and confirm password and then choose next.

8. Time to install. Go go go 😀

9.  After install, click finish.

10. This is the display when we open hMailServer tool.

11. We must create an email account for admin in business application. This time, do double click at localhost and fill your password for hMailServer user.

12. This the screen after you fill your password.

13. Then, choose domains in the left panel and click add at the right panel.

14. After you choose add button, this screen will display.

15.  Fill your domain. For sample, I make as my domain. after that, click save.

16. Your domain has created. So, in this step, choose Accounts at your domain and click add.

17. Fill your address and password for the email. I tried to make no-reply as admin’s address. So, admin’s email for the business application is Then, click save

18. Oh yeah, finally we got it.

Okay, this is my documentation about  hMailServer. Time’s up. I’ll give you about how to implement sending email in java next time. Okay thank you for participate in my sharing knowledge and see you later. 🙂


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