I Love Webtoon

It’s along time without you, my blog. Everyone must be ask to me about my new post. I haven’t any idea for write to the post in this week. So, nothing to do in this blog and I just read other’s posts. Now, I want to share about one of my hobby in this week. It is read some comics. I read some comics via gadget. I don’t like to buy some comics in bookstore but I prefer buying some knowledge books to buying some comics. That’s my nature. 

  I use webtoon for reading some comics. You can install this app in Play Store for android or App Store for iOS. The reason why I love webtoon because it sometimes provide music while reading some chapters, it has many color images,and it also have many genres such as fantasy, romance, horror. Webtoon makes many readers to curious about the next chapter because it has certain times to publish the chapter of the comics. 

  There are many popular comics in this app. I have read Orange Marmalade until the end. It becomes the popular comic for webtoon readers. Beside that, I’m still reading The Gamer, Dice, Untouchable, and the others. I read all of this when I have free time. That’s my hobby. How about you? Do you like to read a comic?


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