Chinese Calendar

“Why did you install chinese calendar in your iOS? Is it useful?”

I don’t know if this topic is interested or not interested for you. Bu I like this post because this is for knowledge. I think many people haven’t installed this app. They possibility don’t understand about advantage. They just think this isn’t useful. In my opinion, there is 20% of people at world who has this app in their gadget. Who is that? I think just chinese people who have installed this application. Okay, I’ll tell you about this app. Chinese Calendar is a special calendar that allows person to see both the lunar and solar calendar. We can convert our birth from solar to lunar.

 For example, my date of birth in solar is May 21st 1994. When I convert it to lunar, my date of birth is 4月 11日(四月十一日)。In hokkian Language, my date of birth is si gwee cap it. In english, I say fourth month and eleventh day. So, do we have two date of birth in one year? Of course as a chinese person. I’m a chinese person but I live in Indonesia. This is my profile 😀 Okay, let’s continue. So, I have two date of birth, solar birth and lunar birth. “When do you celebrate your birthday?” Everyone is confused,isn’t it? I sometimes celebrate in lunar birth but I always get surprise in lunar birth from my family. There is no problem for celebrate your birthday two times.

Beside that, we can know about chinese zodiac in certain year. I’ll give you the example. What is chinese zodiac of this year(2015)? IMG_1518You can see a chinese zodiac at the right top of this app. It’s 羊 (means: goat). So, goat is chinese zodiac of this year.

Is it just two functions of this app? Of course not, I always use it for reminder. I sometimes see what date is it today in lunar calendar because I only eat vegetables at first and fifteenth day of each month. I am a vegetarian at that day. I often forget about it so I use this app for reminder however there is no alarm for remind me hahaha. 😀

Okay, I think this app has three advantages for me. Do you want to try this app? If yes, just install this app. Thanks for reading my post. 😀 Sorry I’m late to publish my post.


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