chat NJ Dash

img_1531Howdy, Guys. It’s my third game which I have been playing during this december. I have free time for today so in this chance, I want to share you about dash dash and dash. Hahahaha 😀 This game is developed by Backflip Studios. Waw, the same developer as before. I love ninjump. That’s why I play it. In this game, you can play with your friends by online. 

Q: How if we play it by offline? Without network, what will happen? 

A: If like that, you can just practice before challenge your friends or other people. I also upset when I play this game. It’s because of my weak network, not about gameplay like before. Hahaha 😀 It often disconnects from server because of my network in gadget. Even so, I’m happy to play it. 

Q: Is it a simple game like before or are there new features in this game?

A: I think that it’s a simple game because I just tap for jump and the character run by auto. In this game, you can use your items for attack other ninja or defense yourself. The goal is to reach number one in one match. There are many features in this game. 

Q: How many features in this game?  One, two, three, four? 

A: Hmm, I don’t know because I never count the totals. Hahaha. I’ll explain to you about the features. In this game, we can buy some items in the shop using coin or jade. img_1535

Q: What items have you bought in this game? 

A: I have bought some boost cards, and costumes. Besides, I have bought many taunts while I am playing it. There are many kinds of price from each items. img_1537Here is taunts. There are many types  for taunt. We can buy and choose it to speak with people. img_1536This is the costumes shop. We can buy many characters in here. There are classic, classic girl, panda, and the others. Besides that, we can buy any colors and wear it. img_1538Here is the boost cards shop. We can buy it by pack and get some items by random. Do you want to know what kind of items? Here it is.img_1532We can read the details in this UI(User Interface) and we can know how many items which we have gotten. img_1539This is the trade coins. We can buy coins using jades. I never using this trade shops because I want to buy more characters. Hahaha It’s expensive and I have not enough money. That’s why I never use it. 

Q: How to get coins and jades in this game?

img_1533Waw waw, nice question. You can get after challenge your friends or other people but there is only one feature which I love it. It’s daily rewards. We can collect it everyday. For now, I have 7710 coins and 343 jades because of this feature. it helped me. 

Q: By the way, it’s ninjump dash. Is there our character’s stats in this game? Or just like ninjump which you’ve told before? 

A: It’s different from before. In this game, we can see our character’s stats and our rank in league. What a day, I got 363 times for deaths. It’s because if my fault. Hahaha 🙂 By the way, before you play this game, you must sign in using facebook or gamecenter for play with others. img_1534That’s it for today. 😀 See you later.


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