chat NJ Smash

  Yihaaaaa. So damn yeah. I am upset because of this game. Oh I forgot to tell you about this game. It’s NinJump Smash. This is developed by BackFlip Studios and it’s a simple game.

Q : How is the gameplay?

A : It just tap to smash. Simple, isn’t it? 

Q: So, why did you upset when you play this game?

A: You must play it before you ask this question to me. This game is very simple. Of course, it’s true but something that you didn’t know. 

Q: Something? Can you tell me what is it?

A: It’s difficult. As difficult as flappy bird which has been popular a few years ago. Hahaha. Just one word and it’s the hardest thing to play. I’ll tell you. Don’t underestimate this game although this is a simple game. Do you want to know about my higher score?

Q: Yes, I want. Show me your higher score, please! 

IMG_1530A : It just twenty six. 😀 how payhetic it is. I tried times to times  but I cant reach more than that. You must know when will you tap to smash the wall. You must know and focus about speed, time, and distance. That’s why I got physics in junior high school and senior high school for study. This is the formula : S=V*T  where S means distance (unit : metre), V means velocity (unit : metre/second), T mean times (unit : second)


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