Solution of PS2 Problem

Oh damn. What’s going on with my PS2 (playstation2)? I can’t play my game today. I know what the problem is. Disc read error in game console. So, I searched about PS2 problem in google engine and I found the best reference. All of you can read in here.

Many of these cases are caused by :

  • Poor quality of disc. If that is a good quality of disc, then the problem won’t happen .
  • Laser lens in the console is dirty so it can’t read data on disc.
  • Disc  doesn’t rotate on the spindle properly.

This console was bought by my sister and brother ten years ago. I ‘ve played games using this console since I was in Junior High School anda I never clean it until now. So, I have to clean it by myself today.

These materials are necessary:

  • Screwdrivers (+) and (-) with small and standard size.
  • Alcohol.
  • Cutton bud.

How to clean PS2 lens? You can watch the tutorial in here. It’s a simple tutorial. Ta-dah..Laser lens and the others have been cleaned by me and I can play it at this time. 🙂



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