Story about outbound


We went to Cipulir on Friday, 3th June 2011 for outbound. All of us gathered together in school at 8.00 am. After that, we went to there with tronton. We arrived there at 9.15 am and we divided into eight group. We were in seventh group. Our group played five games in there. There are handball in mud, adult outbound, play the boat, flying fox, and play the ATV. We played 2 games until 12.00 pm. Then, we took a rest until 1.00 pm and we continued the games. The last game which we played was ATV and it was the most difficult game. We took a bath and prepared something before we came back to school. All of us came back to school At 4.00 pm and we arrived at 5.00 pm.

In our opinion, these games were fantastic and we played it with happily. The best game which we played in there was handball in mud. Handball in mud was our first game and our group played it with eighth group as long as ten minutes. There aren’t any rules in this game. This games looks like soccer but we use our hands. We only do anything as we want. We like this game because it’ll increase our teamwork and creativity.

Complete :

Bahasa Indonesia_Kegiatan outbound


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