My Diary in Zgirls

Howdy Guys,

I don’t know what I have done almost this one year. Since the end of last November, I quited from my job as IT Developer because I thought that it’s not suitable for me. So, I applied another job until the end of January. At the same time, I was also bored, so I played this game which name is Zgirls. if you see that image, you will think me still as a teenager, not an adult. Lol πŸ˜€ you’re really wrong. This is the online game of war using strategy. Many alliances in this game and there’s 76 cities until today. Many people who has taken a job as employee also play this game. Where do I know? From the chat.

zgirls char

This game has chat feature too. There are City chat and Alliance chat. We can chat to another alliance member at city chat and for the internal strategy, we can chat at alliance chat. This game still under development and you can say me as a beta tester. If we get the bug, we can share the info at Zgirls facebook group. What!? Really? Sure. The developer created facebook groups for us. That’s nice πŸ™‚

In this post, I will focus on the chat feature and my alliance. I will share about my current alliance after this. As I said before, I’ve played Zgirls since the end of last November 2016. You may say that I play it from December 2016. I lived at City 3 in this game. My first Alliance is MIK (Miku is lit at fam). I chose this one because I saw that there was 43 of 50 members in there. Wow, so many members. That’s why I chose it, but when my first day in there, what the fuck. Then, I quit from MIK because many member was offline, damn. Actually, I just wanted to see that they were active or not especially in alliance chat. Next, I found the second alliance. That’s KI5 (King and Queen). I chose it because I was interest about their alliance info. Anyway, we can view alliance info before we join it.

I’ve been in KI5 for one weeks but I still feel void in KI5 chat. They were often online but seldom at the chat. When I opened this game again, bang. I guess you know about what I say. The war happened. The enemy is Ele (Elensian Empire) alliance. they suddenly attacked my hive and my friends. Do you know who their commandant for war? It’s ID2385 and Speirs. They brought their friends for war. We lost and many troops wounded. Anyway,  in this game, we just use the username, not the real name. That’s why their name was unique. Suddenly, the alliance chat hasn’t been quite and my leader told to their leader alliance. They invited my alliance to merge with them for stop the war. Oh my God, the leader asked us about this. It seems that my friends still doubt and nobody reply about the question. I replied it first. πŸ˜€ I was agree about merge with them and we move to their alliance. Besides, I was bored in this alliance. (laugh) My friends replied it after me and they were agree. One of my friend ignore it. Whoaa, but he have to accept it because Ki5 has fallen. Hahaha.


I quited from Ki5 and joined the Ele bastard lol. I have to say like that because I spent many resources for heal the troops and repair the gate of my school. They are welcome and friendly. Whoaa, this is the alliance’s atmosphere which I searched it for a long time. Finally, I found it. Yeah, it seems good. They have alliance chat group in Line App obviously and they invited us. The first reason that they created chat group in Line because of maintenance. This game often maintenance until now. Developer update the events, add feature,fix bugs, and the others. This chat used for share info about zgirls maintenance and the strategy of this alliance. Time to time, this chat is used for random topic until now lol.

As the time goes by, I’ve taken an executive position in Ele and I was in R4 squad. Anyway, the alliance consist of many Ranks (R1 to R5). R5 is taken by leader, the most lowest rank usually for offline member. We also have high council chat too in Line app. Amazing, isn’t it? I’m in there too. This is really interesting.

This won’t go on for a while. 😦 Ele has fallen suddenly. I was shocked. It wasn’t because of war. A few of my friends make a decision for merge with KOS alliance. It’s the top alliance in this City3. I was really upset when I knew it. I’ve asked to my friends that why didn’t they give notice to me about this? They deliberately do that. They knew that I will be refuse if they asked. I was sad about this. I thought that I never exist again in this game and the chat. They finally joinned to KOS one by one. But my friend said that he would rename the alliance become Ele. I knew that he did it but for me, that’s not original Ele. It’s fake. I still stood on original Ele for one week. Because of not enough help for develop my school, I had to join the next Ele and they were happy although I  wasn’t fine.

As the time goes by, I’m useless in this Ele and  a few of my friend still stand on the first Ele. They are not often online. Maybe that’s their reason. Do you know my decision? I leave the new Ele and I’m back to first ele without give notice. I leave from new Ele high council chat at Line App. I’m tired because of many dramas and politics in this City 3. That’s my reason. Speirs accepted my reason and he gave the leader position in first ele to me because he and the other members believe me. First ele has become sub alliance since the new Ele reborn. Alliance chat has been quiet. No war happen and I’m lonely. I seldom exist at line chat group. Just drama between Blackwidow210, Zukamike and Flargy. Another member in there sometimes talk random.

I don’t know what I have to do about this game. Must I quit from this game? uninstall it? and leave the main chat group in Line? I can’t do it. I join to new Ele again and I give the leader position to another Speirs’s account. ID2385 is shocked when I join back again lol. I need their help for develop my school. Finally, I still play this game until now. Just one game and I never leave chat group at Line. Just mute the chat because many notifications when wake up in the morning lol. They are from different country. Most of them are from western, europe, singapore, and the others. By the way, it has been 8 months for play this game and I don’t know when will I stop to play it. That’s my story from City 3 and it’s me, Tenshou who write this post. Not Edward at this time hehehe πŸ˜€


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