The choosen one for working

Horray..finally, I bought the new one for working..It’s my new mini mouse. Logitech M187 is a wireless mouse. It has the small size and we can keep it at our pocket. This mouse has warranty for one year. 

There are some reason why I bought this one. First, it just use one small battery (AAA size). Many mouse use double battery, but I just want to use a mouse which has one battery. Second, it’s a wireless mouse. I love a mouse without cable and make me comfortable to use it. Third, it’s not heavy and I can bring it everywhere by keep in my pocket. The last reason is its colour. Blue, orange and white are the combination colour for this mouse. The combination colour looks like BTPN WOW logo. It also has the same colour. 

So, do you want to buy it? If you want, then you may buy it via online shop or go to the computer store. I just review it, not sale it lol 😀 

Oh by the way, my friends at client use the same mouse like me haha but different colour 😀

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