Gathering with Client in 2017

My first project in Emerio Indonesia is Support BTPN API Gateway. As you know, my first client is BTPN Integration Team. I will share my moment with client in 2017 and this post will become my album in first client.

My friends in Emerio and I took a refreshing time after work and he captured me with his phone
I and my partner from Emerio took a dinner for working overtime. Whew, it’s really hard for make success in implementation multi data center API Gateway at production environment
We captured our moment with Integration Team after watch the Foreigner movie at Cinema XXI, Kuningan City Mall, South Jakarta, Indonesia
We took a dinner with Integration Team at Pepper Lunch, Lotte Avenue / Ciputra World 1 Mall, South Jakarta
Many kind of foods which we ate, I always eat chicken because I can’t eat beef
This is the moment with Integration Team after dinner at Pepper Lunch
When it was friday afternoon and nobody is in the room because it was the lunch time, so I just test my back camera phone
When I played mobile legends via android at outside

So, I will post all of this in my blog. I’m currently lazy to post it in instagram.

Lol 😀


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