Take a Lunch together

Take a lunch together is our habbit at client’s place. We always take a lunch at 27th floor and spare a time. When everyone see this photo, they will think that we are a gossiper. Hahaha no, it’s not like that. We like to gather information, sharing our experience, knowledge, happiness, and our life at breaking time. So that we can understand each other.

In the past, I never take a lunch together with them. We took a lunch separately. Some of them took a lunch at outside because the food is expensive in 27th floor and the others took a lunch at another place. I always bring my lunch to client’s place so that I ate it at the room alone and after that, I went to the ground floor and there’s a seat near Lawson. I was sitting in there while enjoying the hot weather. Why did I went to the ground floor? Because it’s cold at the room where I work.

Time after time, the canteen at 27th floor change their regulation so the food’s price has been cheaped. So, everyone often eat in there currently. 🙂

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