The Second Blog

Hi, Guys. Do you still search my Computer Science Subject in this blog? If yes, then I’m so sorry for late to announce something. 😀 Actually, I have migrated it to my second blog since September,2018. At first, I migrated 71 posts for one month in September. In November, I migrated again with 89 posts. Then, I have done for that task since yesterday. I’m happy about that.

A Simple Blog for Knowledge Warehouse

Why should I migrate my Computer Science Subject to there? At first, is created for my campus assignments at March,2014. This blog is under BINUS University and powered by WordPress.

I ever thought that after I graduated from BINUS University, what happened with my campus blog? Will I make it disappear or make this blog still exist? Yeah, that’s the problem. I just focus to my first blog at beginning. The tagline which I used for my first blog before: It’s About Education and Life.  Then, I thought that why didn’t I split this topics into 2 blogs. That’s the reason why I migrate it to my Binusian Blog.

So, the first blog ( is used for share about slice of life. The second blog ( is used for knowledge warehouse.

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