Where Have You Been?

Hello everyone,

Today I will tell you the answer of my blog title. Some of you thought that I never exist to this blog again. I’m like appear, dissappear, appear and dissappear again. It’s not like in the past again when I am still a student at university. Time has changed. It never back again. So, my currently activity is working for get income.

Working is my activity in weekdays. Everything is about working after graduate from university. I currently work at consultant company as API Developer in Middleware Division. As you know, I seldom go to my base office because I am always in project at my client’s place. I ever told about gathering with my first client in 2017. Okay, let me tell you about what I usually do especially weekdays.

I usually go to work 8.30 am. The trip takes 40 minutes. My working time is flexible. I ever late to work because of issue. I must check the log first via my laptop. It’s okay for my team. This image is a view which I always see from my working place. I really love it because I can see another life at outside. At the evening, I usually go home around at 7 pm but sometimes I go home around at 8 pm. It seems random time for go home. Hahaha 😀 The trip to go home still takes 40 minutes like in the morning.

So, how many free time which I have for one day? I just have a bit time for refreshing. I sometimes sleep at 10.30 pm or around at 11 pm. Yeah, that’s repeat again for tomorrow and the future like working life cycle. That’s why, I seldom to create a post in my blog but I don’t want something like that become a reason for not post in this blog. As long as I have free time, I will create an interesting post although people read it or not. This is my hobby too 😀

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