First Time at Ancol Dreamland

I have moved to Jakarta City since 2009 and currently live in capital city of Indonesia. There is one place which I never visited. It’s Ancol Dreamland or Taman Impian Jaya Ancol. It’s located in North Jakarta. This place is large and there are many amusement parks inside here.

The first place which I came is Ancol Sea World. This is the outside. Where is the aquarium? Just go inside, please. Oh, I forgot to tell you that you must buy a ticket before go inside. 😀 There are many kind of fishes in here. One of my photos was jellyfish.

Besides that, there are small fish, Moray eel, and sharks.

Around Ancol Sea World. there is Ocean Dream Samudra. Ocean Dream Samudra features several animal shows, a small aquarium, and a 4D theater. The trained animal shows include a dolphin show and sea lion show. You must buy ticket again if you want to see the shows.

Inside Ancol Dreamland, there is a mall named Ancol Beach City Mall. This mall looks like not crowded because everyone always play at the beach and enjoy the afternoon.
Many amusement parks inside Ancol Dreamland. So, if you want explore itu, just come to this place and enjoy it. 😀

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